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Covered In Gems
'Covered In Gems'

A couple of Sweet Treats from Pincushion Boutique and a few extra fat quarters in jewel patterns and colors provided the starting point for this quilt. Luckily, I had perfect border and background fabrics in my stash.

Deb Tucker's 'Sea Glass' quilt top pattern was perfect for the fat quarters and the fabric colors. And using Deb Tucker's fabulous rulers, Diamond Rect and Square Squared, made my piecing look better than ever.

When the top was finished, I knew precisely how I wanted to quilt it--with patterns that look like jewels. So I created some digitized patterns that look like faceted gems and pearls. It turned out just like I envisioned--quilted jewelry.

The digitized patterns are available for sale at Lily Street Patterns.

64 x 77 inches
Spring 2016

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Covered In Gems
Covered In Gems Back
Covered In Gems Plan
Covered In Gems Detail